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DTDC has been actively involved in CSR activities since its inception. Its CSR is as unique as its business model. We believe that the best way to help our society is to make its people self-reliant. In the last 25 years, we have helped more than 8000 families to become self reliant.

Shri Subhasish Chakraborty Foundation has focused on various aspects of the CSR initiatives, to serve the society in every area of work and thereby make the country, a better place for everyone. The founder and Chairman of DTDC, Mr. Chakraborty, a renowned and humble personality of our country, laid the foundation of this social cause. With his strong belief that ‘every human being has a responsibility toward the society’, he has been an active contributor to serve the society in the best ways possible. SSCF already has over 10,000 members, who have together contributed to make SSCF a remarkable platform for the needy. The foundation is managed/ governed by the committee having equal representations from management, staff and franchisees.

The foundation has addressed some fundamental issues faced by the society such as;

  • Right to education
  • Health and hospital services
  • Sewage system in villages
  • Build or donate to elder homes
  • Build or donate to orphanages
  • Build schools
  • Scholarships to meritorious as well as underprivileged students





Our Journey

25 years of contribution but still a lot to do for the society. When we were born, there was an additional responsibility for each one of us, to serve the society and environment; this is the philosophy behind the conception of Shri Subhasish Chakraborty Foundation. It has always revolved around serving various aspects of social environment. Since inception, DTDC has been contributing for the betterment of poor, eradicating unemployment, making everyone independent, being present in times of natural disasters and so on.

  • 25 years of contribution
  • Aided over 8000 families making them self reliant
  • Promotion of education and vocational training, enabling better standards of living
  • Food relief campaigns, rural electrification, child development programs, women empowerment etc
  • Extending the philanthropic approach to various socioeconomic activities
  • SSCF was formally inaugurated on 15th October, 2011
  • 11 trustees members were appointed to manage SSCF
  • Over 64 Lakh Rupees has been been collected and 36 lakh rupees has been donated so far
  • Still a lot to do and will continue to do...


Shri Subhasish Chakraborty Foundation has been a successful entity on account of joint efforts by various visionaries and along with the contribution of our trustees, FAB members, management, employees & many others. Mr. Subhasish Chakraborty always envisioned to contribute and work for the society and has always been an active contributor. Coming from a middle-class upbringing, he always knew the problems faced by the young talent, who are prohibited of various thing, had a vision of making maximum as independent so as to have a better standard of living. Some of the key highlights of our SSCF are;

  • SSCF knows the sewage scenario; villages will have the sewage system
  • Our elder needs us; we will build/donate for elder homes
  • Orphanages need us and so we will take care of them
  • Education will be the key and we will build more schools
  • Underprivileged and meritorious students will be given scholarships
  • SSCF has been successful on account of various contributions by its Trust members, Franchisees, FAB Members, Management, employees and all those individuals who have contributed towards the cause
  • SSCF has always received major contributions from CMD and Mrs. Chakraborty
  • Foundation is managed and governed by the committee with equal opportunities from management, staff and franchisees
"We will contribute regularly towards SSCF and will always support SSCF"

Mr. Subhasish Chakraborty
Chairman and Managing Director,
DTDC Group

Mr. Abhishek Chakraborty

Mr. Abhishek Chakraborty
Executive Director

Mr. Suresh Bansal

Mr. Suresh Bansal





Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
– Nelson Mandela


Always realised the importance of helping and working for the mankind and with this belief and approach has worked in every aspect of mankind and humanity. It has timely supported various causes; be it children education or improving the sewage system in rural areas to empowering women to creating new opportunities for the capable. It has also helped the victims of various natural calamities and has regularly supported the Prime Ministers relief fund. Besides the direct involvement and contribution, SSCF has joined hands with various NGO’s and initiatives which are directly working in areas like children education, women empowerment, supporting health centres and lending support to our great warriors. It has always given a special treatment to families of all those employees who had untimely passed away during their work tenure. Some of the associations and causes supported by SSCF are;

  • SSCF-SGBS Unnati Foundation Tie-Up
  • NAYI DISHA: Eradication of Unemployment
  • We with you Kolkata
  • Lysosomal Storage Disorder Support Society, Chennai
  • United Orphanage, Coimbatore
  • Care for needy children for rightful nurturing, CNCRN Siliguri
  • Army Wives Welfare Association
  • Go Green
  • And the list goes on...


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Our Presence
Corporate Office
DTDC House,
No. 3, Victoria Road,
Bangalore 560047,

Ph: 080-25365032, 25365039
Fax: 080-25514461.