SSCF has actively contributed towards education and unemployment eradication. Some of the major projects completed and ongoing are;

  • SSCF-SGBS Unnati Foundation: One of the prime objectives of SSCF is to eradicate poverty from the society. In order to fulfil this objective, SSCF has joined hands with an NGO "Unnati", which specializes at providing training, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to empower the underprivileged, physically disabled and unemployed youth to become self-reliant. They also hand-hold the family members of such individuals to lead a respectable life in the society. SSCF-Unnati Foundation aims are enhancing opportunities to the underprivileged, physically disabled and unemployed youth.
  • Round Table India: The volunteers work vocally, regionally and internationally to help and educate underprivileged children
  • Shri Sant Dyaneshwar School: Located in a remote and tribal village of Borsar, Madhya Pradesh, it has been operational for last 15 years and working toward provision of free education to the children of the farm labourers and tribals, living in abject poverty. Supporting over 218 children for their education up to seventh standard and being assisted by 11 teaching and non-teaching staff, is actively supported and financially aided under DTDC CSR initiatives.
  • Nayi Disha: Through its project ‘Nayi Disha’, SSCF is working in the direction of reducing unemployment issues on a relatively smaller scale.
    • It aims at recognizing true potential and unemployed youth, providing various job assured professional certificate training, personality development and general speaking courses
    • It has made a great achievement by helping 120 unemployed youth to pass out the training course and all of them are employed now in DTDC network and other reputed organisations.
    • It has run various campaigns and provided training programs, on the job training and stipends to meritorious people
  • Other areas of Child Development: Various institutes and organizations are identified that work for the needy children with disabilities. Some of organizations we support, are:
    • Sri Rakum School: It is a school for the blind children, who are either born blind or have gone visually impaired. It was opened in June 1998 in Bangalore. It helps children coming from BPL (Below the poverty line) families, to enable them with the opportunities to grow into responsible and resourceful citizens of the country.
    • Dreamz: This organization located in Mumbai, is a home for homeless street children that works for their rehabilitation.
    • Orphanage in Ludhiana: Child care centre for abandoned children.
  • In association with World Vision India, SSCF has sponsored 25 children for their education.
  • Sponsored high valued microscope for Botany for PG students at RKMVCC (Ramkrishna Mission Vivekananda Centenary Collage)
Child Education

SSCF supports various areas of women empowerment;

  • Employment of maximum women, on the basis of talent and capabilities
  • AWWA: The Army Wives Welfare Association is the wing developed by the Indian Army to support war widows and DTDC salutes the spirits of these women by continuously supporting them.
  • Regularly support the families of its employees and franchisees’ families, in the event of untimely death of their near ones. It also offers franchisees to widows and the women in the family of various employees.
Women Empowerment

The CSR initiatives of DTDC firmly believe that the protection of 'Vasundhara' (The Mother Earth) is its prime responsibility and therefore, we support global green revolution policy by taking various measures. Some of our key initiatives for this cause, have been:

  • Adopt a Tree

    While planting a tree is important to help make the planet greener and cleaner for our future generation, 'saving a tree' is equally important. Considering this challenge, the DTDC management has launched "Adopt a Tree" program under its 'Go Green' policy.
  • Energy Conservation

    Under the 'Go Green' project, conservation of electricity is another critical initiative that has been undertaken. Monitored directly from the Chairman's office, all DTDC offices practise energy conservation at their premises and in fleet vehicles, whereby reducing the overall carbon footprint of its operations through recycling.
Go Green Initiatives
  • SSCF donated cycles to financially weaker franchisees in Devanagree region of Karnataka.
  • Helped franchisee staffs giving them ease of pick-up and delivery.
  • Helped a lot in eradicating the pollution by adopting environment friendly methods of commuting.
Donate Cycle
  • Donated ambulances to Nightingale Centre for Aging, a Bangalore based NGO.
  • The NGO provides extensive care to elderly by provision of well-formulated and innovative elder care projects
Donate Ambulance

The Joint initiative between Shri Subhasish Chakraborty Foundation and SSRDPL (A Division of Art of Living for Rural Development of India), chose "Kanneri Colony in BR Hills, Yellandur Taluk, Chamarajnagar District", an interior and remote village of Bangalore, for providing them with an additional joy of happiness on Diwali by installing a permanent Solar Grid providing electricity to over 200 households. Electricity facility also contributes for maintaining hygiene to a large extent as the households gets illuminated with light during night time. Some of the key highlights are;

  • Proudly installed electricity grid in a remote village in Karnataka, first of its kind in country.
  • It was a joint initiative along with SSRDPL and SSCF.
  • Permanent Solar Grid in Kanneri Colony, over 200 unprivileged households got access to solar electricity.
  • Highly appreciated by Ministry of Energy.
  • The installation on the occasion of Diwali, giving an additional reason of joy to the families.

The financial aid has been provided to the people affected during the four major recent natural calamities that severely impacted different parts of India. Some of the extended supports to various calamity victims are;

  • The 1999 Orissa cyclone or Paradeep Cyclone that affected lakhs of people
  • A deadly earthquake in Kutch of Gujarat on January 26, 2001 that killed thousands of people and more than 400 students
  • The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake or Tsunami that occurred on December 26, 2004 in Chennai, Andaman & Nicobar
  • The most catastrophic floods in the history of Bihar in 2008
Disaster Relief & Support

Some Moments of Spreading Happiness